For people - art -nature.

Sjøbygda artist residence was officially opened in August 2009 and offers:

Sjøbygda Artist Residence works to encourage/develop artistic activities, with various approaches and tools to achieve that goal. Rooms and surroundings affect people, with sound, with interaction between artist and audience, between people. Sound, light, air, people – everything is connected. This is the key concept for Sjøbygda. A clear starry sky is the ceiling! Two lovely houses from the end of the 19.century are reverently restored and equipped with modern facilities.

Eggaodden skole (the old school building)

110 m2. Used as school between 1893 and 1956. 1.floor: Study/living room (35 m2, 3 meters to the ceiling) with original light blue coloured walls fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher, shower, and WC, washing machine and tumble dryer. 2.floor: 3 bedrooms + 3 alcoves with curtains. Sleeps 9 (-12) persons. Amazing cast iron stove. New gems made especially for the house: entrance floor and kitchen benches cast in concrete by Benedikte T. Wedset, BRUK design. Mixer, Genelec loudspeaker, stage piano, mobile internett. View across the lake Selbusjøen. 200 meters to the beach.


70 m2. Built 1927, by the creek. Inhabited two sisters until 1956. The restoration has been completed with good-looking and practically smart solutions by architect Bente Rødahl. The result is a light, characteristic and nice house. 1.floor: living room with cast iron stove, fully equipped kitchen with dishing machine, entrance. 2. floor: 2 bedrooms + 1 flexi room, WC and shower with blue crystal mosaic tiles med. Sleeps 5 (-8). Stereo system, mixer, Wurlitzer piano, Genelec loudspeakers, mobile internet. Bonfire. View over the lake Selbusjøen. 30 meters to the beach.

The idea was born

when Eldbjørg Raknes, Trondheim-based musician and composer, on a winters’ day in 2007 stumbled across and fell in love with Eggaodden school and the house Bekkastoggo. Two days later she buys the two rather derelict houses: This paradise must be turned into a place to create art of all kinds! To be shared with all who wants to work there! From then on the story about Sjøbygda Artists’ residence unfolds … full restoration of the buildings, development of the AiR concept and organizing take place.

Restoration work

Both the timber buildings had been deserted for 50 years and needed thorough treatment and upgrading. Floors, roofs, paneling and windows were demontert and reused. The school building has homemade ocher composition painting and hand-forged nails. Bekkastoggo has several new, but reused pieces of timber from old houses from Kvål. Both houses have restored windows with handmade glass – and new inner windows. Loads of soul, loads of work! Photo documentation from the restoration process: Eggaodden skole, Bekkastoggo.

Work was done by

Bente Rødahl Arkitekter / Ing. Ole Gullichsen / Tømmerstuggu / O. Trondseth Rør og Møbel / Jan R Henriksen elekroantreprenør / Vindussrestaurering / Øivind Heimstad Ovnrestaurering / Åge, Murermester Olsen / BRUKdesign / eldbjørg and very good friends / Thanks to everyone!

Financial support

for restoration and  initiation was Selbu kommune, Sør-Trøndelag Fylkeskommune, Norsk Kulturfond, Norsk Kulturminnefond, Blilyst, Stiftelsen UNI, Innovasjon Norge and Selbu Næringsforum. SJØBYGDA*AiR is in 2013 supported by Sør-Trøndelag County Council and Norsk Kulturfond.