The baroque violinist

Bjarte Eike -from Norway, lives in Copenhagen, Denmark- pushes boundaries in classical music, constantly on the lookout for projects in the borderland between genres. As artistic director of Barokksolistene, he has created innovative concepts exploring 17th-century music from English pubs and alehouses in ‘An Alehouse Session’ and combined the sounds and astrological ideas of the Renaissance with free improvisation and music from Stockhausen’s Tierkreis in «Star Wars» – and toured all over Europe. As a freelance violinist and leader Bjarte also works in crossover formations such as the Magnetic North Orchestra and Siwan with Jon Balke. And he teaches at the Norwegian Academy of Music and as a guest teacher at the Royal Danish Music Conservatory.

as Sjøbygda*AiR

he is to be considered our first Artist in Residence! He has been rehearsing several programs with Barokksolistene and recorded in Selbu church. His stays has also been linked to playing for children and elders, to colloborate closely with chefs and playing at the best gourmet restuarants in the region, and he has played in different settings at Sjøbygdafestivalen. Sjøbygda*AiR Ståle Storløkken asked Bjarte and Barokksolistene to play with him on his comissioned work for Sjøbygdafestivalen 2013 - and also played «The image of Melancholy» in the scool house. He´s also working in Sjøbygda with an brand new multi art colloboration autumn 2013.

Bjarte brings

Hans Knut Sveen (No), Berit Norbakken Solset (No), Fredrik Bock (Sw), Mattias Frostenson (Sw), Thomas Pitt (Fin), Malcolm Bruno (Wales), Hans Peter L`orange (No), Møyfrid Fuglestad (No), Jon Balke (No), Andreas Arend (Ger), Steinar Haugerud (No), Milos Vitos (Slo), Judith Maria Blomsterberg (Ger), Kanerva Juutilainen (Fin), Steven Player (Sw), Per Buhre (Sw), Peter Spissky (Den), Håvard Stensvold (No), Henrik Smith (No) , Ross Kolby (No), Alexander Eik (No)

he says

«SKH fullfilled all the exceptations I had (and they were not small after playing at Sjøbygdafestivalen 2009 and 2011!) – offering unique conditions for artists, all disciplines – inspiring so much that you only wish to come back and experience it all again and again. The acoustics in the school room is perfect for rehearsing, the silence of nature around is ideal to get new energy and inspiration and the facilities such as beds, kitchen, sanitary conditions and internet are optimal. And the Selbu Church is perfect for recording! And not least; Eldbjørg´s planning, organizing, fixing and understanding of what is needed in the different stages of artistic processes is impressing and throughout generous!»  Bjarte Eike 2012


«I split my residency at Sjøbygda kunstnarhus into three parts.

  1. 1)  touring in the Trondheim area with the project an alehouse session
  2. 2)  Recording a new album «The image of melancholy»
  3. 3)  Gathering a group of bright thinkers/artists from different genres to ponder on new projects.

The first two parts of my residency was finished over two periods in 2011 and 2012.The third and last part I started 28.sep and ending on 3rd oct 2013.

The flowing people were there:
Alexander Eik, film director/writer Oslo
Ross Kolby, painter/writer Oslo
Henrik Smith, conservator/museum director Vestby Håvard Stensvold, opera singer Trondheim

We all enjoyed the incredible nature and solitude that Sjøbygda offers, and among hiking, cooking and pleasure, we soon got to talk about various ideas that could involve all of us (and also including Aslak Moe, stage director Oslo - that couldn’t be present). A concrete project as a result if this shall be tried out: a new reconstruction of the lost st. marks passion by J.S Bach, that I and Barokksolistene has first right to play and record. In this project we will involve filming (Alexander), directing the singers/actors(Aslak), writing and building stage-plots(Ross, Henrik, Alexander, Aslak) - in addition to playing/conducting (me) and singing (Håvard). This will be a test project of seeing how this can perhaps open up for other joint projects in the future.

The last three days of this period I stayed alone in Bekkastoggo to practice and prepare for a very busy autumn.

Sjøbygda has provided all of us - and me especially - with invaluable inspiration and brought a highly sought-after calmness in an ever more stressful life. I hope to be returning many times to this very unique place in the years to come.

These days, the album «the image of melancholy» is being released, to high approval in the press, and as I write in the cover-text: the music re-sounds with the amazing place of Sjøbygda.»

Bjarte Eike Nov 2013