The visual artist

Edvine Larssen (b.1977, Vefsn, Norway) was educated in London and Trondheim. She has had several solo exhibitions, joined a lot of group exhibitions and collaborated with artists from other disciplines. She has also done a lot of artwork, all over Norway, for and with children and youngsters.

as Sjøbygda*AiR

she made nine sequences for Sjøbygdafestivalen 2011 – one sculpture in wood in the woods and eighth pictures in the school room. She was also leading an art & architecture workshop for kids, together with architect Bente Rødahl, in Oct 2011. Edvine is coming back to work on her exhibition «Unforgettable Vision of Darkness to be premiered at TSSK, Trondheim in Sept. 2013.

she says

«My work there can in every way be seen as the first stage in my installation Verging, NNKS in Svolvær Easter 2012. If I didn’t have the possibility to play, research and work as I did in Sjøbygda I would never had got the results I did. Thank you for your unbelievably important art arena!!»