The actor and director

Elisabeth Matheson is best known in Norway for playing Kristin Lavransdatter in Liv Ullmann’s cinema version of Sigrid Undset’s books. Elisabeth has been working as an actress on Det norske Teatret in Oslo before she moved back to her roots in Selbu a few years ago and started working on her play Snømørkt – about the Morset family during the 2.nd World War.

as Sjøbygda*AiR

she worked on her play and with her collaborators in  Snømørkt. The play was  premiered in the Selbu Church in February 2013.

she brings

Bård Lie Torbjørnsen, Eivind Myhren, Pekka Stokke, Linda Westgaard, Inggjerd Egeberg, Ståle Bjørnhaug, Ståle Tørring, Jonas Nerland, Tor Breivik.

she says

«The silence made us work the whole day and half the night – only abruption was strolling along the beach…We’re all looking forward to coming back!»