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Fiona Talkington is a UK-based broadcaster, presenter, producer, writer and speaker, best known to radio audiences as a presenter of BBC Radio 3’s award-winning music programme «Late Junction». Since its launch in 1999 «Late Junction» has gained fans across the world for its eclectic programming from classical to electronica, from traditional music to experimental, from jazz to folk. Fiona has been a presenter for BBC Radio 3 since 1989, working across a wide range of programmes, has produced and presented documentaries for BBC Radio 3 and the BBC World Service and has presented programmes about festivals, including in Norway, Finland, Hungary, Iceland, the USA. She is also more and more in demand as curator and artistic adviser all over Europe.

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she´ll be working with Sidsel Endresen. Sidsel has a unique place in the story of Norwegian music. Fiona says «I spend a lot of time in Norway working with amazing musicians. Sidsel’s music has touched me particularly deeply and it is a privilege to have the opportunity of working with her in the inspiring surroundings of Sjøbygda.»

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Sidsel Endresen

she says

«SJØBYGDA July 2013
Fiona Talkington

Creativity is our lifeblood. Of that I’m sure. It’s the route to our well-being, to our self-discovery, the channel for our communication and our engagement with self and with others.  As creators – musicians, artists, writers, designers, painters, dancers, composers and many more – we need space to think, to work on ideas, to recharge the batteries, to be inspired and to be inspiring.

As a writer, curator, producer and radio presenter, working mostly with music, I know that the life of an artist can be overflowing with administration – accounts, funding applications, paperwork, travel arrangements, airports and lost luggage. Yet audiences, planners, agents, record labels, arts organizations expect, all too often, a conveyor belt of  new material.

At Sjøbygda I immediately met myself again. Stepping out of the car and breathing the clean, pure air I was overwhelmed by the silence: not silence as an absence of sound, but a silence filled with unseen strength that was mine to tap into, to confront, to wrestle with, to dance with, to be with, and to listen to. The forest beckoned, the damp smells from underfoot, the animal trails, the carpets of green speckled with jewel-coloured flowers.

In these immaculately and sensitively restored schoolhouses – a true labour of love– I felt connected to the lives of many who had gone before, children’s laughter from many decades ago, young people growing up in this treasured environment, etching their names into the wooden walls and ceilings. That was a reminder that we are just visitors on this earth and that the beauty we see has been loved before and will be loved again after we’ve gone. For now, the forest was mine, a gift to nurture my own creativity.

It was my privilege to share that time with two outstanding human beings, two outstanding creators, Sidsel Endresen and Eldbjørg Raknes. Exploring the creative process with them, having the time and space to talk to listen, to learn and discover there emerged a strength and joy in our own artistic spirits.  For those few days Sjøbygda was my forest and my inspiration whose influence will go on for a long time to come, and that forest will forever hold a part of me hidden away in its mysterious and beckoning shady corners.»