Lisa Charlotte
Boudouin Lie

The artist

Lisa Charlotte Baudouin Lie, born in 1980, is educated at several different art/theater institutions in Europe and has through her own works Pony of No Return and the performance theatre duo Sons of Liberty (with Stina Kajaso) had great impact on the Norwegian theatre scene with a mix of pop culture, thrash and misanthropic honesty. «Risk is an important part of the structure, me making plays for the theatre has to be like extreme sport,» Lisa says. With her novel Armløs Slår Tilbake (2005) she defined a mixed content of performance and text. The book «Sons of Libertys udistanserte Hongi hjerter og hjerner spiddet av enhjørningens antitrancendentale regnbågs hallojs rosa horfluff med en twist» was published in 2009.

as Sjøbygda*AiR

she is working alone and with her troop on her new piece Blue Motell: «The room we create is a narrative treated like a landscape, a territory. The space we relate to in this fiction is the blue motel, the place in the outskirts of the earth which touches you when you sleep in the wasteland of the collective subconscious, a storage room for archetypes and other things lacking time/space and which is unable to die, but can be modified.» Premiere: Trøndelag theatre on April 18th 2013. Later: Black Box, Oslo. Lisa will join Sjøbygdafestivalen 2013.

she brings

Helga Kristine Edvinsen (no), Ivar Furre Åm (no), Kenneth Homstad (no) , Maja Nilsen (ger), Espen Jørgensen (no), Vigdis Haugtrø (no), Elin Amundsen Grinaker (dk), Rita Sande (no)

she says

«So happy and grateful that we could stay here at Sjøbygda and start our work with the production there! A head start!

The second half of the time I stayed on my own to write and was at first struck with fear of being alone in the house and a strong urge to drive 28 km to the store to buy menthol cigarettes and wine, even if I don’t smoke, but I surrendered to the silence around me and to zombie films and song writing. Got a lot of writing done, which was the intention. Lots of song writing and rehearsing.

The third stay was February 2013 with the whole ensemble and musician Espen Jørgensen. We developed several scenes and characters further - in the special Sjøbygda atmosphere. A lot of scary, funny and beatyful moments which gave the play Blue Motel it´s colours» (Feb 2013)

The festival is a small festival that attracts very interesting artist, and its a meeting place for new collaborations between different genres and also functions as a place to widen the horizon with some high quality art and music. The distance is short between the audience and the performing artists and the mood makes the conversations and discussions run smoothly. (Aug 2013)