The brass quartet

Magic Pocket is Hayden Powell, trumpet / Erik Johannesen, trombone / Daniel Herskedal, tuba / Erik Nylander, drums. They released two albums in 2011, one of them with their version of Trondheim Jazz Orchestra.
 All of them were students at the jazz dep. in Trondheim, NTNU, some years ago and play in a lot of different other bands (Lord Kelvin, Jaga Jazzist, Haydn Powell Trio, Listen, Kirsti Huke Quartet, Ola Kvernberg Trio a.o.).

as Sjøbygda*AiR

they made their first concept for children: «Things we adore». Magic Pocket participated on Children’s day in Sjøbygda Oct. 2011 and premiered their show at Moldejazz 2012.

they say

«Sjøbygda is a place where you can really focus on work. It is a quiet place and the house itself is inspiring to be in. When the day’s work was done, we didn’t go back to our separate hotel rooms, but gathered in the living room, which was free from tv and other disruptive elements. It opened up for good conversation and we listening to music together. Good ideas came up and were developed in a way we don’t normally get time for during ordinary rehearsals. Towards the end of the week Magic Pocket gave evening concerts different places around in the county, where we tried out the things we had worked with, before we returned to Sjøbygda at night to continue work the next day. This combination was effective without being exhausting. At the end of our stay, we met Barokksolistene and we shared a concert with Eldbjørg Raknes’ children’s concept Hva kommer nå…? (What comes next…?) This gave our stay an extra dimension and inspiration between the different groups.»