The dancer

Mazen Kiwan was a professional folk and contemporary dancer in his native Lebanon, continues to work in Paris where he receives a state diploma as a teacher in contemporary dance.
 He studied tango with some of the most important Maestros such as Gustavo Naveira, Pablo Veron and Chicho Frumboli. He has directed and participated in numerous performances of contemporary dance and tango as well as several theatre pieces and films. As a choreographer he has worked in theater with Irina Brook on Resonances and Charles Berling on Caligula. He is also the founder of one of the most important tango festivals in the Middle East – the Beirut International Tango Festival in Lebanon taking place every end of April.

as Sjøbygda*AiR

he choreographed a tango performance for the forest floor…performed at Sjøbygdafestivalen 2012 under the open sky. He also rehearsed in front of Selbu-children and did a tango seminar for grown-ups while in Sjøbygda.


he brings

Alexandra Archetti Stølen (No/Arg)

he says

«(…) your project and location is very inspiring as well very challenging and this was a great opportunity to dig deeper and deeper into our art to satisfy our public and to be a part of the nature performing in the woods using every single element around us to give a nice performance. I still have a big smile inside my heart when I remember our meeting with Alexandra with the kids watching us during our rehearsal and giving them the chance to ask question and to see how it is to build a performance. I’m sure this was very rich experience for them and I feel proud being a part of it.(…)»