The drummer

Paal Nilssen-Love (b. Dec 24. 1974) was raised in a jazz club in Stavanger run by his parents. After having heard Paal in nine different settings at Molde Int. Jazzfestival 2002, Down Beat reporter Dan Quelette stated: «His week at Molde proved a revelation: Nilssen-Love is one of the most innovative, dynamic and versatile drummers in jazz!» Being active in several bands at the same time has always been Paal’s deliberate working method. He is constantly conscious about the projects he is in, as his participation in each and one of them is fully dedicated. He’s touring about 250 days a year the world over, releases a serious amount of recordings – also on his own label – and runs two impro-festivals in Oslo. «Playing is not about getting from start to goal, but rather being in an everlasting process, a continuous movement where each new piece of music performed is a prolongation of the previous».

as Sjøbygda*AiR

he is cooking together his new big band; PNL Large Unit! The band will rehearse in Sjøbygda before having their premiere at Molde Int. Jazzfestival 2013. This concert will also be recorded! Paals first concert in Sjøbygda is acoustic SOLO, under open air by sunset, in the middle of the woods, at Sjøbygdafestivalen 2013.

Paal brings

Jon Rune Strøm (bs) / Andreas Wildhagen (tr) / Mats Äleklint (trb) SE / Christian Meås Svendsen (bs) / Klaus Holm, altsax / Kasper Værnes, altsax / Thomas Johansson, trp / Børre Mølstad, tuba / Ketil Gutvik, guit / Lasse Marhaug, electronics

he says

«When Eldbjørg Raknes drove me there on a winter´s day, I did´nt know what to expect. Little did I know that 1,5 year later I´d be there with 10 musicians, preparing for a debut concert at the Molde Jazzfestival. Neither did I expect to be planning a solo concert in open air a month after the concert at Molde.
Eldbjørg prepared the best possible surroundings for the large group I had assembled. It was now summer; no snow, you could see the ground, smell the nature and even go for a swim in the water. We had 2 nights and days of rehearsing, socialising, making food together, eating, drinking and as, mentioned, swimming in the lake. It could´nt of been better. Many of the musicians had´nt all met and not all of us had played together before. It was therefor very important for me to have these frames around the first meeting. The group of musicians became a band and the social bonding was amazing. The result was an incredible concert at the Molde Jazzfestival and from thereon we´ve now planned tours and other festival concerts in Norway and abroad. Next out is my solo concert which will give me a new chance to enjoy the surroundings of Sjøbygda… now with an audience… but I´ll be wondering who´s that coming to «my place» as I now feel a part of Sjøbygda.» July 2013

«Coming back to Sjøbygda for the summer´s festival was amazing. The atmosphere, people, music, food and all was above any expectation. The mixture of music, lecture, food, social happening was very interesting and somewhat gave the whole idea of going to a festival as a musician or as an audience a new meaning. I think this little but important festival stands as something very special and something we need to show our appreciation of. It deserves it and demands it.» Aug 2013