Pia Maria

The actor and director

Pia Maria Roll makes political-critical doku-theatre. Often no actors (except from herself), but «ordinary» people telling there stories – in her context. Her pieces are often about power and powerlessness. Stories we all need to hear – even if it hurts.

as Sjøbygda*AiR

she was working on her new piece «Ship O Hoi», which premiered at Black Box Theatre in October 2012. Visiting Sjøbygdafestivalen 2013.

she brings

Terje Nordby (no) and Trond Stamsø Munch (no)

she says

«Sjøbygda Kunstnarhus is a fantastic place for working with art. The place offers all the things you need and nothing of the things you don’t need. The place gives a unique measure of concentration and contemplation, and I hope to come back and work with new projects in the years to come.»