The singer

Sidsel Endresen (b. 1952) is one of the world’s most significant and important voices, both as a singer, composer, improviser and band leader. She is a pioneer at both extended voice techniques and impro. She has toured all over the world, singing and done comissioned works and collaborations. She has received a.o. five Norwegian Grammys, Buddyprisen, Oslo By’s Kunstnerpris, Radka Toneffs Minnepris and was nominated for Nordic Music Prize 2001 and 2011.

as Sjøbygda*AiR

she has recorded solo in Eggaodden skole. And talked to Fiona Talkington. And she was, at opening festival 2009, singing solo in the woods in the dark – and for children (for the very first time). 2012 she played duo with Stian Westerhus in the intimate schoolroom.

she brings

Asle Karstad (Oslo), Fiona Talkington (London)

she says

«The schoolroom has a uniquely nice, warm (and controllable) ambience/resonance and worked very well for vocal recordings. I love this room! – and the house and it’s surroundings. It is a very special experience to work in surroundings like these – offering great peace of mind and full focus on the task at hand. One can work at all hours here – with no neighbours to worry about and with no other agenda but to work. All the time surrounded by a lovely nature, the view of the Selbu lake, the starry sky above at night – and complete silence! Very inspiring!»
Aug 2012

«Sjoebygda: July 10.-14. 2013:
Grateful thanks for yet another wonderful stay in beautiful Sjoebygda - (staying in the old schoolhouse). This time - as part of my AIR-projects: a 4-day meeting/talk/intervue with BBC- journalist Fiona Talkington. Four days to engage in continuous conversations about creativity - words - my own history - everyone’s history - particular music - all music - and life. Fiona is in the process of writing a book about me - and maybe there will be a book in the end - and maybe not. Doesn’t really matter. The conversations we had - in the framework of Sjoebygda - were truly important anyway.
Sjoebygda opens for a very different kind of meeting and conversation - more honest and real in this perfectly peaceful place. Without all the usual noise - and without all the usual strategies and masks - that my life is always so full of. The forest and the lake - and the old houses - stand there as they always have - in their utter indifference to all our ambitions and wants and wishes. So we go for walks in the woods- and sit on the beach-and make a fire-and eat and drink-and talk- and slowly become stripped of our usual repertoires.
Such a 4-day talk/intervu-project would, f.i. in Oslo, have resulted in very different - and much more traditional results. So: thank you Eldbjoerg ,for your enourmous hospitality and for your generous participation during these days. And thank you Fiona,for instantly recognizing Sjoebygda’s potential - and for becoming queen of the forest in such a short time!