The guitar player

Stian Westerhus (b.1979) is one of Norway’s most in demand young musicians playing solo and in duo with Sidsel Endresen and duo Monolithic with Kenneth Kapstad from Motorpsycho. He also played in Nils Petter Molvaer Trio and many more. Blessed with little or no respect for the instrument he balances raw expressiveness, virtuosity and melodic instinct utilizing his Norwegian heritage as well as growing up listening to Slayer. With a soundscape far beyond the standard guitar he seeks to push the boundaries for improvised music across the muddy waters of genres. - Touring around the world and releasing recordings, busily! He´s also producing recordings for others. And he is composing.

as Sjøbygda*AiR

Alone, composing for his brand new trio - as commissioned work for Sjøbygda. Then rehearsing and recording with this trio «Stian Westerhus & Pale Horses». Premiering this music at Molde Int. Jazzfestival - and then at Sjøbygdafestivalen 2013.

he brings

Øystein Moen (No) and Erland Dahlen (No)

he says

«I worked in Sjøbygda before my time as an AiR participant on several productions and always thought it was a place for a very special focus and dedication. In my time as an AiR participant I have worked on my compositions for my commission for Sjøbygdafestivalen, and in general created a personal space for creative thinking and musical experimentation. Sjøbygda is perfect for just that - not worrying about the time or if anybody can hear you sing false notes or blast loud music at 5 in the morning. It is a perfect place for letting go and finding new ways.» April 2013

«After months of composing both in Oslo and in Sjøbygda for the commission we were delighted to finally have the calm and the facilities needed to rehearse the material day and night without any disturbances whatsoever. Not often, if ever, have I had the chance to actually go somewhere that facilitates this kind of production. A place desolate enough to work quietly and undisturbed, but also with the facilities to rehearse with a full production.» Aug. 2013