Stina Moltu

The singer

Stina Moltu Marklund,born 1980, Namsos, Norway. She has lived several years in Copenhagen, now Oslo. STINA STJERN is her artist name and her band playing her tunes blending jazz and rock. Their second album will be released in 2013 with texts inspired by Stina’s grandfather’s haunting life on Greenland. During a decade now Stina has developed a deep interest for the unique music skills of different people, and out of this curiosity made several projects collaborating with youngsters with different disabilities.

as Sjøbygda*AiR

she’ll first be alone in Sjøbygda, composing for her own band and young musicians from Peder Morset folkehøyskole in Selbu. This school has students with and without disabilities. Stina is going to meet the youngsters and their band several times during the whole school year 2013/14 - not as «a teacher», but as a composer and band leader. Her own band will be a part of this process as well. Spring 2014 this music will meet an audience. Exciting!


she brings

her own band and youngsters from Peder Morset Folkehøyskole.

she says

June 2013: I’ve just returned from a week in solitude at Bekkastoggo, Sjøbygda Kunstnarhus. This was a unique and rich experience for me! I found the warmth of the house and the surroundings very inspiring and perfect for creative work. I must say that the quietness and the isolation overwhelmed me at first and made me aware of an intense restlessness. This restlessness reminded me of slow, never ending Sundays in my younger years and made me think of a beautiful quote by Walter Benjamin: ”If sleep is the apogee of physical relaxation, boredom is the apogee of mental relaxation. Boredom is the dream bird that hatches the egg of experience. A rustling in the leaves drives him away.”

I would not say that I ever felt bored at Bekkastoggo, but this is a place without any rustling in the leaves. This is therefore a place where it is possible to enter a state of mind where new thoughts can be thought. For me this was what happened at Bekkastoggo! The new thoughts, the new ideas and the focus I found are essential for the future of my project and the music to be written. I’m therefore very grateful for being given the opportunity of staying in Bekkastoggo.


September 2013: My second time around in Bekkastoggo became one of the most productive weeks I’ve ever had. I was now prepared for the solitude and the silence and the minute I stepped out of the car I entered the same state of mind I had when I left in June.

I also started my work with an orchestra of 8 young musicians from Peder Morseth Folkehøgskole. This is an orchestra where a few of the musicians have some kind of disability. I, however, am more focused on and interested in their abilities! We worked together for a few days, mostly improvising and working on my compositions while discovering and using our unique musical abilities. These young musicians are very open and their way of interpreting my music gave me a chance to discover new aspects of my compositions. This gave me new inspiration, and I now look forward to continue my writing.

To be able to work with my orchestra and compose in Bekkastoggo in the same week has been a gift! I am now looking forward to seeing my orchestra again later this fall. Then I’ll bring new compositions for them to explore and color with their unique sound.