The saxophone player

Tore Brunborg has been playing and composing professionally since he left Trøndelag music conservatory in 1982 and Masqualero was started (with Arild Andersen, Jon Christensen, Jon Balke og Nils Petter Molvær). He has lead and played with a lot of constellations and bands, done commissioned work and composed for his own and other people’s bands and is to be heard in a whole lot of recordings – and has toured all over the world. His tone and playing has inspired several generations of saxophone players and musicians. He has received prizes like Buddyprisen and Vossajazzprisen.

as Sjøbygda*AiR

2012 he worked alone, rehearsing solo and composing for himself solo and for Meadow (with Thomas Strønen og John Taylor). He was one of the artists at Sjøbygdafestivalen 2012, where he did his debut SOLO concert with live sampling -in the woods in the dark (and rain!) and also played for children, daytime. 2013: composing for, and rehearsing with, Scent of Soil.

he brings

Kirsti Huke (no)


he says

«Sjøbygda has these days offered fantastic nature, totally silence and good rooms and conditions for working. It has been a very helpful quietness to do concentrated work.»