The visual artist

Vigdis Haugtrø is living in Trondheim. Travelling all over the world working alone and in several, different colloborations. She has done a lot of work linked to nature and to specific rooms and houses.

As Sjøbygda*AiR

New, specific work - for the Sjøbygda Forest, Sjøbygdafestivalen 2013: «eviggrønn» (outdoors) + «gran 1-6″ in the school house.

she says

«Staying at Sjøbygda is an experience different from other residences
I have visited. Living in the house in the forest connect you with so many
different layers of life and work, the school days in the old times, the left house,
the renovation and the new life, and all the other artists who have
sheared the same
silence in the woods.
A unique possibility to stay focused and out of time, in everything,
outside everything.
I was lucky that my stay in Sjøbygda resulted in work made for the festival this summer,
and being able to work sight specific in this place made me create new work big scale.
Thank you Eldbjørg for the invitation and your support.
Best Vigdis Haugtrø» Aug. 2013